Cygwin cron difficulties

Shawn M. Carey
Sat Jun 23 15:05:00 GMT 2001


I recently grabbed all the latest cygwin stuff and did a full install with
hopes of getting some genuine cron support on my win2k machine.  After
playing around with setting up cron for a while I couldn't seem to get
anywhere.  The cron process would start as a service, but it just sat there
and nothing seemed to happen when I threw crontabs at it.  I eventually
downloaded the source for cron and compiled my own binary with "DEBUGGING"

Now running cron with "-x proc" I am able to see that cron is in fact
attempting to execute my crontabs, but it fails every time because it can't
switch the user context.  /usr/doc/Cygwin/cron.README mentions that you must
run cron against cygwin-1.3.2 for password-less user context switches to
work.  I am running cygwin-1.3.2 but I'm starting to believe that I need to
do something else too...

Here's what I've done so far:

1. Installed entire Cygwin suite (via setup.exe)
2. Installed a debug-capable cron to run as service (via cygrunsrv -I
cron -p /usr/sbin/cron.debug.exe -a "-x proc")
3. Set up ssmtp
4. Ran crontab -e a few times.
5. Recieved email messages from cron saying it can't switch the user

I've also played around with setting "ntsec" while running cygrunsrv, but it
doesn't seem to matter.  "ntsec" does affect the operation of crontab
however.  "crontab -e" fails with "chown: permission denied" when executed
from an environment that has "ntsec" in the CYGWIN variable.

So I suspect I'm not doing something that I need to do, and I have a hunch
that it has something to do with the "ntsec" feature...  Has anyone been
here before?  Any help is greatly appreciated!


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