Robert McNulty Junior
Sat Jun 23 14:36:00 GMT 2001

I just read this in a dictionary of what viral is:

viral (vi/rel) adj. of, or pertianing to, caused by, or of the nature of a

In that case, VISAUL BASIC SCRIPT is the viral software.
Visual C++ can be used to create virii too.
So, you see, can Cygwin Tools, if placed in the hands of people who don't
care about programming for good, but programming for evil. Hackers world
wide, crackers who use the tools to break codes etc.
I can barely get the binutils going, I can't even hack into my own bmj2002
account, and I hate virii.
The tools that are used to create virii have been MS tools like Visual C++.
After all, if you have this tool, which give you direct controls of Windows,
you can write
virii. With Visaul C++, I can come up with code quicker and faster. It gives
me a ahead start by creating basic building blocks. I can choose to support
many windows and menus. I can do anything I want it Visual C++.
Microsoft needs to put tighter control on its own tools.
Most of the hackers and crackers today use the Visual Tools. MS makes it
easy to get these tools.
On the hand, Red hat sells Linux. Fine. What people fail to realize is that
Red Hat Linux (Or Mandrake Linux) can be use in conjnction with Windows on
the same operating system.
There is a program called "Linux for Windows" that allows Linux to take
advantage of resources under a Windows based machine. In fact, I'm going to
put it on my Windows based machine just as soon as I get done here.

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