`less' broken on my Win98r2

Michael A. Chase mchase@ix.netcom.com
Fri Jun 22 19:25:00 GMT 2001

I use less constantly and have not noticed that problem.  Perhaps if you
send an example of one of you command lines that shows the problem someone
could try to reproduce the problem.

It sounds like less is misunderstanding your screen size.  What do you get
for 'stty -a'?  How do you start your Cygwin environment?
Mac :})
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From: "Soren Andersen" <soren@wonderstorm.com>
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Sent: Friday, June 22, 2001 14:24
Subject: `less' broken on my Win98r2

> Just dandy, having a hard time with this. It seems to be a version number
> "358" -- extremely terse output.
> When I run it or anything tries to pipe through it, in bash [GNU bash,
> version 2.05.0(6)-release (i686-pc-cygwin)], a blank zone merely appears
> the screen -- IOW nothing is visible of the output; only the `less' prompt
> at the bottom.
> Is there a "more," or some other pager, that I could use as an alternative
> until I get a working `less'?

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