tetex-beta-20001218 (can not use it after setup on Cygwin)

Jerome BENOIT 520066587150-0001@t-online.de
Fri Jun 22 07:45:00 GMT 2001

I am very sorry for the confusion:
  you are right, there is a misspelling.

Please find attached a revisited version of the README file.

Sorry again,

Alexei Lioubimov wrote:
> Hello Jerome,
> Thank you for your answer, but before i wrote you for the _first_ time i've
> studied the /usr/doc/cygwin/tetex-beta-20001218.README many times. I'm
> sorry, but it's still not clear for me what should i download:
>     tetex-texmf-1.0.x.tar.gz
>         or
>     tetex-texmfsrc-1.0.x.tar.gz,
> because /usr/doc/cygwin/tetex-beta-20001218.README says:
>     ... see below for canonical CTAN host list:
>     CTAN/systems/unix/teTeX/1.0/distrib/sources/teTeX-texmf-1.0.tar.gz    /*
> !!! - A.L. */
>     ...
>     Quick Installation:
>     ...
>     2] >tar zxf tetex-src-1.0.tar.gz                               /* ??
> !!! - A.L. */
I had to write:
tar zxf tetex-1.0.tar.gz             
> But it seems to me, that tetex-src-1.0.tar.gz contains the stuff that is
> already prebuild and is in tetex-beta-20001218,
> am i right?
Yes you are right !

> So, what should i download and additionally install?
> Thank you (and excuse me once more...), i'm looking forward for your answer
> Alexei Lioubimov
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> From: Jerome BENOIT <520066587150-0001@t-online.de>
> To: Alexei Lioubimov <e-complex@mtu-net.ru>; Cygnus
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> Sent: Thursday, June 21, 2001 1:36 PM
> Subject: Re: tetex-beta-20001218 (can not use it after setup on Cygwin)
> > Hi !
> >
> > Yes you have to install a TexX Structure Directory suitable for teTeX
> > for more information about that, please:
> > 1] read /usr/doc/cygwin/tetex-beta-20001218.README ;
> > 2] consult the archive for ut more information.
> >
> > Please, let me know if any other trouble.
> >
> > Good TeXing,
> > Jerome BENOIT
> >
> >
> > Alexei Lioubimov wrote:
> > >
> > > Hello Jerome,
> > > I have installed tetex-beta-20001218 package (via setup.exe) from the
> Cygwin
> > > distribution simply to use dvips based utilities to convert dvi and texi
> > > files to PostScript or .PDF. But dvips doesn't work (it says that
> tex.pro is
> > > missing and so on...).
> > > So, is it necessary to additionally download the _full TDS tree_
> > > (tetex-texmf-1.0.x.tar.gz) from CTAN? or can i get somewhere only some
> > > missing files to use the tetex as the converter, as i described above?
> > >
> > > Thank you,
> > > Alexei Lioubimov
> > >
> > > PS: excuse me, please, but i've never used TeX by itself before, and i
> don't
> > > know all details  :)
> >

The source archive and the binary archive ONLY contains the
canonical executable binaries and the canonical scripts
needed to compose with TeX and its friends:
a (suitable teTeX) TeX Directory Structure (TDS) MUST be installed.

In this distribution the TDS is assumed to be installed at

Canonical TDS are available from the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
(CTAN) --see below for canonical CTAN host list:

Of course one can used an already installed TDS (e.g. MiKTeX):
1] one can link it to /usr/share/texmf
  cd /usr/share
  ln -s <mytexmf> texmf
2] one can mount it to /usr/share/texmf
  mkdir -p /usr/share/texmf
  mount <mytexmf_Win32path> /usr/share/texmf

See the script <tetextop>/cygwin/cygunpack-tds and inspect how
the TDS used to build the tarballs has been obtained.


Quick Installation:

Here is an overview of a typical installation:

1] install  TDS at /usr/share/texmf (see above):
     cd /usr/share
     mkdir -p texmf
     tar -zxf teTeX-texmf-1.0.tar.gz
2] remove, if exists, the directory /usr/share/texmf/web2c :
     the files in this directories are cygwin dependant.
3] install the binaries with the cygwin setup as usual;
4] check the configuration files in /usr/share/texmf/web2c
     texmf.cnf, fmtutil.cnf and mktex.cnf
   please note that the distributed configuration files are
   (with extension) frozen to avoid overwriting.
5] configure TeX:
     texconfig confall
     texconfig rehash (or mktexlsr)
     texconfig init
  and to configure what you need:
6] check that the dvips configuration file
   does send outputs as desired (`o' line option).

See /usr/doc/tetex-XXX/QuickInstall for more informations.


Quick Installation Check:

1] PostScript output:
  latex small2e.tex
  dvips small2e.dvi -o small2e.ps

2] PDF output:
  pdflatex small2e.tex

Note that both PS and PDF outputs can be view (and print)
with GSview (see below).


Viewer/Printer Notes:

This distribution does not provide viewers (for the moment):
1] since the distributed cygwin does deal with X stuff,
   XDvi is not available:
   nevertheless the distributed source is distributed (without changes);
2] PDF output can be viewed (and print) with Acrobat Reader for Windows
   freely available at http://www.adobe.com/acrobat ;
3] PostScript (and PDF) output can be viewed (and print) with
   the Ghostscript Graphical Interface GSview distributed by Ghostgum
   http://www.ghostgum.com.au ;
4] both PDF and PostScript outputs can be printed with Ghostscrip.
5] cygwin does NOT provide a ready-to-use `lpr' (for the moment):
   consult the cygwin archive to see how to mimic `lpr'.


Help Notes:

For further information concerning the cygwin distribution:
1] peruse the cygwin FAQ;
2] peruse the cygwin archive;
3] in last resort, send an email to the cygwin community
   with `teTeX' somewhere in the subject.


The source archive already has the appropriate cygwin patch applied.
To remove and revert to a 'clean' tetex-beta-20001218
  mv <tetextop>/cygwin/tetex-beta-20001218-X.patch <tetextop>/..
  cd <tetextop>
  patch -p1 -R < ../tetex-beta-20001218-X.patch


See the script <tetextop>/cygwin/cygunpack-src and inspect how
the original source has been obtained from various source archives
from the CTAN.
See the script <tetextop>/cygwin/cygcreate-src and inspect how
the cygwin source archive has been created for complete information.


  GNU ed 0.2 (which builts OOTB)
  ghostscript-5.50-2 or later
  perl-5.6.1-1 or later

Direct Dependencies:


Canonical Homepage:

Canonical Download:
  Comprehensive TeX Archive Network (CTAN)

See /usr/doc/tetex-XXX/texk/etc/MIRROR for CTAN mirrors


To build for cygwin:

tar -zxf tetex-beta-20001218-X-src.tar.gz
cd tetex-beta-20001218
cd cygwin
cd ..
make check
make install

See the script <tetextop>/cygwin/cygcreate-bin and inspect how
the cygwin binary archive has been created from the cygwin
source archive.


Port Notes:


Cygwin port maintained by: Jerome Benoit jgmb@sources.redhat.com
This port is the second one:
please be indulgent ;-)


Good TeXing !


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