Intel Fortran 5.0 for Linux Beta

Anthony B. Williams
Fri Jun 22 00:11:00 GMT 2001

Can Intel's fast Fortran compiler live happily within Cygwin? That is, I
would like to install Cygwin into Win2K Pro on a Pentium 4, download
Fortran-for-Linux from Intel, substitute that for GNU f77 Fortran with
appropriate changes to libraries for the link, and run at the 4X speedup
plausible under the SSE2 SIMD instruction set on the P4. Is there any
obvious problem with this approach? The alternative is of course to dual
boot Red Hat Linux 7.1 on the same SCSI hard drive that has Win2K now, and
proceed as above from there, but there are compatibility issues with my
Win2K backup devices (CMSProducts USB ABS external 20 GB hard drive, plus
Roxio's GoBack 3.02). Parallel question has been submitted to Intel Premier
Support folk, but want both parties to examine for flaws from own viewpoint.
Thanks for your time, Tony.

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