Any hints porting from *nix to Cygwin + Native Windows GTK+

Steve Jorgensen
Thu Jun 21 16:34:00 GMT 2001

Ok, I'm a newby, and I'll be the first to admit I'm taking on a big 
challenge, and likely to fall on my face.  I'd like to try anyway, and 
would appreciate any direct advice or pointers to good FAQs, man pages, 

The simple explanation of what I want to achieve is to create a 
cross-platform GNOME/Windows application that uses native GTK+ on Windows 
and does not require and kind of X server to run on Windows.  I want to use 
Cygwin tools to compile on Windows.  Eventually, I may want the app to run 
totally native on Windows and not require the Cygwin dll(s) at runtime, but 
initially, I'm just concerned about using native GTK+, not X.  Probably the 
quickest way for me to get up to speed is to look at a working example, and 
I imagine there is such a thing somewhere.  Eventually, I want to try to 
port parts of the GNOME framework to Windows because I want to use libgda, 
but that will require porting bonobo which is clearly a far off dream at my 
current level of experience.

So the basic question is - where do I find examples of a C programs that 
compile under Cygwin and use native Windows GTK+?

BTW - if someone knows of an existing project to port GNOME to Cgywin and 
native Windows GTK+, let me know so I can just join them and not waste my 
time reinventing the wheel.

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