ssh wanting to add known_host entries into /home/$user

Joshua McClintock
Thu Jun 21 13:18:00 GMT 2001

Hello, I'm running sshd on windows 2000. I changed the $HOME= variable from 
/home/$user to a mount I have for the c drive which looks like this.
/mnt/c/Documents and Settings/$USER.  The bash shell works great with this 
and will dump me into C:\Documents and Settings\$USER, however the ssh 
client keeps wanting to use /home/$user/.ssh to put it's stuff into. Isn't 
it using the $HOME env variable to decide where the users home is?

One note, I can type cd <enter> and have bash take me to my homedirectory, 
but if I type cd $HOME, I get...

can't change directory to /mnt/c/Documents, which looks like the spaces in 
the variable may be causing some problems and ssh defaults to /home?

Any ideas?
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