Win-Shares are broken when connected by ssh

Michael Traxler
Thu Jun 21 11:56:00 GMT 2001


sorry for being so persistent, but I think this is a serious problem, and as
I didn't get an answer I ask again.

Is it explainable or a known bug, or what do I do wrong:

The Samba Shares are only accessible in one session.
If you open an new terminal (same account) on a Cygwin-Windows computer via
ssh, the Samba shares of the other connections are not accessible.
Even worse:
When you open in every ssh-session some Samba-Shares and then disconnect,
the drive letters cannot be used anymore from anyone. Only a reboot helps.
Your are able to remove the Share by: "net use x: /delete"
but a new "net use r: \\\\romeo\\michaelt password /user:michaelt"
results in:
Systemerror 85
The local device is in use

So, for me this is a serious bug, as I think many people need Samba-Shares
in various ssh-sessions.

See also my first mail below.

Thanks a lot,

	Michael Traxler

when I connect my Win2k(SP2) or WinNT(SP4) via Samba to some Linux Server
(or Windows, no difference), I can see these connection in as many
cygwin-shells as I like.
But when I connect to this Windows Computer via ssh (same account), these
shares vanish.
With "net use" I can see, that they exist, but they are unavailabe,
therefore I get a "permission denied" when trying to connect to them.
I can open new connections via
net use \\Computer\Share passwd /User:username
but these connection are again not seen in new ssh sessions (same account).

Can you please help me with that?

Thanks a lot,


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