Cygwin + Debian

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm@MIT.EDU
Thu Jun 21 08:16:00 GMT 2001

* Mark Paulus  [Mercredi 20 Juin 2001 11:51 am ]  :

  > Which piece of debian are you thinking would be cool to port?
the packaging tools at least

I would love having a nice install/upgrade tools ala debian under cygwin

  > Since debian is just a particular flavour of Linux, and a particular
  > way/methodology of packaging/distributing that same
  > OS and it's utilities, "porting debian" doesn't really make sense.
However debian is not just about GNU/Linux but also GNU/Hurd 

  > However, do you want to use the debian package manager,
  > dpkg/apt-get/dselect?  There might be some resistance to that
  > as Cygwin is owned/sponsered/supported by Redhat, which
  > is probably attached to the RPM philosophy (They did create
  > it after all).  
  > Otherwise, are there particular utilities that you want to
  > port?  
see above
cygwin is in a great state, I managed to port a big CORBA framework
under cygwin with just a little pain !
my goal certainly selfish since I would like to see the packages I use under cygwin
and they are already available under debian

CORBA mico 2.3.5 (with all the services and especially the naming and trading services)
Corelinux ( ) a C++ Framework

I already started looking at dpkg and related tools 
However I am new to this and will certainly need some help from the debian side
the is already a list debian-win32 

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