a weak link for the cygwin archives?

Fred T. Hamster
Thu Jun 21 07:19:00 GMT 2001

    hey, no, i think the faq's pretty good.  however, i read it a while 
ago before i got comfortable with the cygwin tools.  thus i don't go 
back and re-read it regularly.  perhaps i should.  and maybe a 
sub-section like you're proposing could be helpful.
    the link i used to get to was on the "cygwin home page" 
on the redhat site.  it was the "search" link under the mailing list 
archives.  it seemed to me that i was using the recommended search 
engine to scan the cygwin mailing list archives.  the delorie search 
engine really wasn't up to the task yesterday; i'll see if it's feeling 
more peppy today.  nope, so far it's still choking on the searches.
    is it possible that the "search" link could be switched to a more 
effective search engine?  actually, the "archives" link to the version of the archives provides for searches also...  i'm 
finding the search engine to be quite zippy.  maybe it would 
be a good idea to drop the "search" link to on the cygwin 
home page altogether?  just a thought...  i will stop torturing myself 
by trying to search at delorie.

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David Starks-Browning wrote:

>On Wednesday 20 Jun 01, Fred T. Hamster writes:
>>  is the only way to research questions in the cygwin 
>>archives?  i would think that redhat, having that nice affiliation with 
>>google, would have much better support available for this purpose.
>The FAQ entry "What mailing list can I join?" already lists google
>(using "cygwin" as a keyword) as an alternate to and
> for the purpose of searching the mail archives.
>Did you check the FAQ?  Could this have been clearer?  Would you have
>found it if the entry title were "Where can I find searchable mailing
>list archives?" or something like that?
>David (Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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