Editor to use with ssh'ing into NT server?

egor duda deo@logos-m.ru
Thu Jun 21 06:59:00 GMT 2001


Thursday, 21 June, 2001 David Starks-Browning starksb@ebi.ac.uk wrote:

DSB> It's well known that NTEmacs (specifically 'emacs -nw') will not work
DSB> if you are logged in remotely via a telnet or ssh shell.  That's a
DSB> Cygwin/NTEmacs problem.  NTEmacs is not a Cygwin application.

DSB> OTOH, if you build xemacs using Cygwin, then 'xemacs -nw' should work
DSB> well.  (That's what I use.)  I don't have any personal experience with
DSB> their Cygwin-built binary distribution, but I would expect that to
DSB> work too.

[a small blurb :)]
If you're running NT or Win2K, you can also use "ttyfier" application
that allows running non-cygwin console applications in cygwin console
(including via telnet or ssh)

see http://ns.logos-m.ru/~deo/ttyfier.html for details.

with emacs, it's definitely better to use cygwin version, but it's not
perfect world, and there're closed applications, that cannot be
recompiled for cygwin, yet you may need them. I, for instance, run
dos version of netware RConsole this way.

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