a weak link for the cygwin archives?

David Starks-Browning
Thu Jun 21 03:39:00 GMT 2001

On Wednesday 20 Jun 01, Fred T. Hamster writes:
>   is the only way to research questions in the cygwin 
> archives?  i would think that redhat, having that nice affiliation with 
> google, would have much better support available for this purpose.

The FAQ entry "What mailing list can I join?" already lists google
(using "cygwin" as a keyword) as an alternate to and for the purpose of searching the mail archives.

Did you check the FAQ?  Could this have been clearer?  Would you have
found it if the entry title were "Where can I find searchable mailing
list archives?" or something like that?

David (Cygwin FAQ maintainer)

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