tetex-beta-20001218 (can not use it after setup on Cygwin)

Jerome BENOIT 520066587150-0001@t-online.de
Thu Jun 21 02:36:00 GMT 2001

Hi !

Yes you have to install a TexX Structure Directory suitable for teTeX
for more information about that, please:
1] read /usr/doc/cygwin/tetex-beta-20001218.README ;
2] consult the archive for ut more information.

Please, let me know if any other trouble.

Good TeXing,

Alexei Lioubimov wrote:
> Hello Jerome,
> I have installed tetex-beta-20001218 package (via setup.exe) from the Cygwin
> distribution simply to use dvips based utilities to convert dvi and texi
> files to PostScript or .PDF. But dvips doesn't work (it says that tex.pro is
> missing and so on...).
> So, is it necessary to additionally download the _full TDS tree_
> (tetex-texmf-1.0.x.tar.gz) from CTAN? or can i get somewhere only some
> missing files to use the tetex as the converter, as i described above?
> Thank you,
> Alexei Lioubimov
> PS: excuse me, please, but i've never used TeX by itself before, and i don't
> know all details  :)

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