a weak link for the cygwin archives?

Fred T. Hamster
Wed Jun 20 12:24:00 GMT 2001

  i'm having some trouble successfully finding things in the cygwin 
archive.  i was trying to be a good citizen by ensuring that my question 
has not already been answered in the archives, but their search engine 
is the least responsive i've ever seen.
  the behavior i am seeing is this.  i create a search on a particular 
term (one word, in my case).  the search failed repeatedly with 
time-outs.  finally after many attempts, it v--e--r--y s--l--o--w--l--y 
produced the search results, which had 898 matches.  the request is not 
on the order of terabytes, in other words.
  so, now i have a bunch of matches to look at for my search term.  but 
when i select one of the entries to read, the operation always times 
out.  i have tried hitting some of the matched entries many times over 
the last couple of hours, but so far no data has arrived before the 
time-out.  oops, well of course when i just tried it again, i finally 
got an entry to appear.  however, there definitely do seem to be some 
drastic performance issues at delorie.  i have had more time-outs since 
my success also.
  i'm having trouble believing that this sluggishness is due to 
thousands of people making search requests there, but possibly that's 
it.  however, their site is clearly unable to keep up with whatever load 
they actually have on their search engine.
  is the only way to research questions in the cygwin 
archives?  i would think that redhat, having that nice affiliation with 
google, would have much better support available for this purpose.

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