cygwin openssh: problem with big-endian communications

Charles E. Campbell
Wed Jun 20 11:27:00 GMT 2001


I have an SGI with Irix 5.3 which is a big-endian machine.  I've
installed v2.4.0 of Secure Shell on that machine in a vain hope that
that would fix the problem I was having with v2.3.0: to wit, attempting
to run the OpenSsh client on a Win2K box or a Win98 box (both
little-endian, of course) to the SGI resulted in messages of the form:

Disconnecting: Bad packet length 1397966893.

The OpenSsh client *was* able to contact a DEC machine running Unix
which so happens to be little endian.  The ssh client on that
Dec machine (little endian) *was* able to contact the ssh server
running on the big-endian SGI.

So -- I suspect that there's a general problem with OpenSsh and big-endian

Any chance that this problem might be fixed Real Soon Now?  We're
required to use ssh (no ftp/telnet) on our Unix boxes, and I'm worried
that the Dec machine I mentioned will be retired sometime this year.

C Campbell

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