cygipc does not seem to work!!!

Brian Michael Genisio
Wed Jun 20 10:37:00 GMT 2001

> Here's a thought: Brian, you're not using the '--tight-security' option
> with the background ipc-daemon process, are you?
> --Chuck

Nope... I am just running ipc-daemon without any options... in Win98.  I might
look through the code a bit, and see what I can do, but then, I may not since
I have a hacked solution...  I implemented a similar interface by removing shm
calls, and using mmapped files instead.  Only problem is that the reader could
not do a msync on the file, I have to unmap and map each time I want to

It is not the most clean way to handle shared memory between apps, and they run
much slower then I really want,  but I wasnt sure what else to do.


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