RXVT: Launching the root window/login shell

David A. Cobb superbiskit@home.com
Wed Jun 20 09:58:00 GMT 2001

My "Native" launcher uses a Windows Shortcut (PIF):
COMMAND.COM /c C:\CYGWIN\bin\login.exe, and
login.exe starts my passwd-specified shell in the DOS-like window.  For me 
this takes care of who-i-am [Superbiskit, not Administrator] and similar 

I tried converting this approach to using RXVT.  Whatever login.exe does, I 
want it to do before launching my shell.  I can do  START 
[cygpath]\rxvt.exe . . . . with no "-e" specified.  And, because I've seen 
it in the examples, I imagine I can do "-e /bin/bash --login" but that will 
not [I think] initialize the ENV correctly.

It seemed the logical thing, so I did "-e /bin/login Superbiskit"
And my screen went black and the machine locked up so completely that all I 
could do was hit the power button.  I'll guess that it relates to how login 
passes off its terminal assignment to bash but I don't even know how to 
gather enough information to see what's happening.  That looks like a bug!

Any  ideas?

For example, could I put "/usr/bin/rxvt . . . -e /bin/bash" as the "shell" 
parameter in PASSWD?  In other words, would login take the entire tail of 
the record as the program to execute?

If this were a "real" *Nix, and I were on another X-Server, the login would 
preceed launching XTerm [IIRC].  Actually, as my memory clears, I think I 
had to TELNET to the other machine to negotiate the login and launch XTerm 
from the telnet "console".  The best analog of that would be START /bin/sh 
starter.sh, with starter.sh and having the starter.sh script do the login 
[wouldn't that spawn a second bash?] before doing "exec rxvt"

Maybe, while I play around with some of these things, somebody who knows 
what they're doing can send me the answer that's obvious to the most casual 

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