Cygwin + Debian

Christophe Prud'homme prudhomm@MIT.EDU
Wed Jun 20 06:47:00 GMT 2001

* Andrej Borsenkow  [Mercredi 20 Juin 2001 05:38 am ]  :

  > Do you have the slightest idea what Cygwin and Debian are?
actually yes I do and as a matter of fact many people
found the idea interesting on the debian side
this has been discussed, it seems, some time ago in the past
and there is a mailing list debian-win32

I think that it is you who fail to see the interesting/cool idea here.
Imagine that you have access to the cygwin/win32 packages through the 
debian packaging system. Now it is entirely possible that for some 
technical reason it might be really a pain to do that but then I think it is 
a interesting to look at the feasibility of this idea.

Again the idea is to use dpkg/apt to update the cygwin apps/libs stuff, upgrade packages,
and install new packages ... 

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