1.3.2: Vim cursor position incorrect in bash on Win 2k

TWEDE, ROGER (HP-Boise, ex1) roger_twede@hp.com
Tue Jun 19 16:07:00 GMT 2001

Host: 	MS Windows 2000 Professional
	Service Pack 2

	x86 Family 6 Model 8 Stepping
	AT/AT Compatible
	256 MB Ram

Cygwin: Newly downloaded fresh from cygwin.com using setup.exe -----  DLL
version 1.3.2


After starting the vi editor the cursor remains in the top left corner when
inserting characters, effectively overwriting each typed character over the
previous one.

The characters will get inserted in memory and can then be saved, but the
editing is not visible since it all happens in a single character location.
The cursor coordinates on the bottom line update just fine to display the
cursor location (ie 5,23).

If a file is opened which is larger than a single screen and one attempts to
scroll down (using 'j' for example) the cursor coordinates change.
When the cursor position reaches what should be the bottom of the window the
last line or two of text are updated and "scroll" through the file lines
while the upper majority of the window remains unchanged and displays always
the initial top lines of the file.

If the full window is forced to change (ie jump to end of file) the vi
window shows the lines at the end of the file correctly, however the cursor
still remains in the upper left corner (does not move to the end of the

Scrolling up seems to cause a full update of all lines and therefore the
correct text is displayed.

This may have more to do with Win 2k than CygWin itself.

We have seen Cygwin VIM function properly on one Win 2k system and exhibit
this problem on the second one we installed it on but have no clue as to why
Cygwin exhibits this behavior on the second.

Are there known incompatibilities with other possibly installed packages on
Win 2k?



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