cp -p fails with .exe files

Cliff Hones cliff@aonix.co.uk
Tue Jun 19 10:07:00 GMT 2001

I've just noticed this problem with cp.  Apologies if it's already
been discussed - I don't recall a recent report, and the archives
didn't turn up anything obvious.

Cygwin cp is ".exe" aware - meaning that "cp xxx yyy" will copy xxx.exe to
yyy.exe if xxx.exe exists (and xxx does not).  But "cp -p xxx yyy" fails -
it does the copy then reports that it is unable to preserve the time for "yyy".

I've come across this problem in some makefiles, which would otherwise
run unchanged under Cygwin.

I'm *not* asking for a fix, and unfortunately *not* volunteering to look
at the source just now (only as I haven't the time).  This isn't a serious
bug for me, and my only reason for raising it is to bring it to the attention
of anyone else who may be interested.

-- Cliff

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