Which version of Libtool to use? (or is libtool impossible)

Christof Petig christof@petig-baender.de
Mon Jun 18 23:48:00 GMT 2001

Robert Collins wrote:

> This is an application porting question: Try searching the cygwin-apps
> archives for libtool and/or ld. There have been threads relevant to both
> recently. In particular there is an experimental libtool && binutils I
> have colated which may be of interest. These deperately need informed
> testing.

Thank you for this link. I'll test it.

> Also covering glib: you need to port it. It's trying to compile for
> win32, not cygwin, and it's not configured to support libtool .dll
> creation. Ditto for iconv. See the libtool manual for information on
> that.

Did I get you right that the e.g. the inclusion of -luser32 prevents you
from building a cygwin dll? If so it seems that I'm stuck with mingw for
library creation and runtime (which has already proven to be a tough path).
I have to build gtk+ which definitely needs win32.


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