AW: Cannot start Xfree86

Suhaib Siddiqi
Mon Jun 18 17:46:00 GMT 2001

I have no idea why there are 3  

I would suggest add the following to Config.sys and reboot
shell=C:\ /e:4096 /p

BTW XEmacs is not X-application therefore it will not display on an
What is init file?



thank you very much for the severals replies. That is a real support!

I tried to download the newest release, but something went wrong; I will do
it again, but now, I have also Problems with Xemacs and my init file, so one
thing after the other :)

I have the in both dirs: Under c:\ and under c:\windows and,
even under c:\Windows\Command\EBD

Cheers Fabio

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> | You nee to put this in your Config.sys and reboot.
> |
> | shell=C:\ /e:4096 /p
> *warning* make sure c:\ exists.. isn't it windows 98 that
>  starts to put it in c:\windows\
>         /Andy

Oh well may I do not know.  I hate Win98/95 and ME.


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