Cygwin 1.3.2 installation hangs on mingw-20010424-1.tar.gz

Guy T. Moore Jr.
Mon Jun 18 09:20:00 GMT 2001

I've downloaded Cygwin 1.3.2 from 2 different sites onto
2 different WinNT 4.0 machines and have done an install.

The installation hangs while untarring mingw-20010424-1.tar.gz.

Even if I unistall "mingw", then install just that one component the 
machine hangs:

Specifically the process, "Mcshield.exe", runs at 99% CPU and rebooting
the machine is close to impossible. A hard reset is necessary.

I've done this at least 5 times in hopes that it would succeed. (foolish thought)

Any one else have this problem, and what is mingw? (do I need it for running anything else)


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