Windows numeric ID? [SID answer]

John Benninghoff
Sun Jun 17 12:08:00 GMT 2001

I found 2 ways that a single user SID can be learned. 
One is by looking in the registry where user settings
are stored by SID under HKEY_USERS.  You may be able
to infer which SID by checking the values of
Environment key.  There is also a freeware utility
called psgetsid.exe which is part of a set of NT

--- John Benninghoff <> wrote:
> I want to determine my NT domain numeric ID
> (S-123....)but the only way I seem to be able to
> discover it is to use makepasswd.  But I have 5 to
> 10K
> users in my domain and it is taking forever.  Is
> there
> another way?
> -- jb
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John Benninghoff

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