installation problem

Michael A. Chase
Sat Jun 16 21:58:00 GMT 2001

When moving up from one of the Betas you should probably delete the entire
Cygwin tree (back it up first if you like), then run setup.exe to install
the current version just like the instructions at say to
do.  You don't need to download the files before running setup.exe, it will
download the archives for the modules you request into an appropriate
directory structure and then install them.

The normal Cygwin installation has both /bin/ and /usr/bin/ pointing to the
same directory, so only c:\cygwin\bin is needed in PATH once you have a
correct installation.
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> I am having problems installing cygwin.  I chose to download the tar.gz
> into a local directory (basically the latest versions of the packages of a
> minimal development system).  When I ran setup, it said there was nothing
> install.  Setup did create C:\CYGWIN and its subdirectories, and updated
> registry.  I extracted the files using my old cygwin-b20.
> I set PATH in AUTOEXEC.BAT, to include C:\CYGWIN\USR\BIN and

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