Updated: textutils-2.0-2

Matthew Smith matts@bluesguitar.org
Sat Jun 16 12:24:00 GMT 2001

> Sorry.  The ownership of the file was DJ Delorie and there was no response
> to the md5sum problem that I fixed, so I thought that it was unsupported.

Right.  I have no account to upload packages to, so at the time DJ grabbed
the file from me, and put it in the appropriate spot.  Maybe we discuss this
off the list.

> I have no desire to support another package.  I'll gladly hand this back
> to you, if you want to maintain it.

Sure.  I've been testing textutils 2.0.14 on my end, which seems to be
reasonable, so I'll probably package it up shortly.  I would appreciate a
patch for the changes you made to md5sum, and I will try to get your changes
folded back into the source.

-Matt Smith

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