List of legal color names for "rxvt -bg"?

Gerrit P. Haase
Fri Jun 15 17:52:00 GMT 2001

Karr, David schrieb am 2001-06-15, 16:28:

> Do you say that because you saw them listed there, or because you're just
> assuming I didn't read the man page?  The only mention in the man page of
> what the legal color names might be is to say that they're contained in
> "/usr/lib/X11/rgb.txt", which doesn't exist on my system.
> I was able to figure out some valid names (thanks to Randall Schulz) by
> looking at the output of "strings rxvt.exe", but that's just approximate.

$ man rxvt
       -bg colour
              Window background colour; resource background.

       -fg colour
              Window foreground colour; resource foreground.
       -cr colour
              The cursor colour; resource cursorColor.

       -pr colour
              The mouse pointer colour; resource pointerColor.

       -bd colour
              The  colour of the border between the xterm scroll-
              bar and the text; resource borderColor.
      colorn: colour
              Use the specified colour for the  colour  value  n,
              where  0-7  corresponds  to  low-intensity (normal)
              colours  and  8-15  corresponds  to  high-intensity
              (bold  =  bright  foreground,  blink = bright back-
              ground) colours.  The canonical names are  as  fol-
              lows:  0=black,  1=red,  2=green, 3=yellow, 4=blue,
              5=magenta, 6=cyan, 7=white, but the  actual  colour
              names  used  are  listed in the COLORS AND GRAPHICS

Well the listing in 'COLORS AND GRAPHICS' as mentioned above is
missing in the manpage unfortunately, nut you may find them in
thew source...



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> > How can you tell what the legal color names are for "rxvt -bg"?
> $ man rxvt
> #-gph
> -- 
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