telnet's broken

Keith Starsmeare
Fri Jun 15 06:45:00 GMT 2001

--- Corinna Vinschen <> wrote:

> It began with 1.3.2. I suspect you have changed the primary group
> of your user account to another group than returned by mkpasswd?
> If so, change it back (mostly "None" = 513 or "Domain Users" = 513)
> and try again. If that doesn't work either, you will have to try
> a current developers snapshot where that effect should have been
> reverted (and where you should be able to keep the group setting
> as you wish).

Thanks for the help! I had changed my default group, but changing it back
didn't seem to make any difference. I've rolled back to the 1.3.1 dll and
everythings back to normal again!

Thanks again!


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