Delorenzi, Richard
Fri Jun 15 05:43:00 GMT 2001

	I think I am being miss under stood. I Wish to write a widget e.g. a
filename entry box with browse. that will send the name of the chosen file
to the stdout the calling shell/ 'C' program can use it to open a file. This
output is not for the user. The Tcl/tk program when run on my Linux box
passes the output to the shells stdout. I can pick this up with FileName =
`./getFileName.tcl` but in cygwin the stdout is a built in console. Is there
a way to turn off the console, not just hide it but really off so I get the
same functionality as when run on Linux.

> Hi I am writing a small tcl/tk program, and am having problems writing to
> stdout.
> I need to write to stdout to tell the calling program which button the
> user pressed. But cygwish seems to direct stdout to its console window,
> can any one help.

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