Cyrillics support in Cygwin???

Andrej Borsenkow
Fri Jun 15 03:26:00 GMT 2001

> ls do work. try 'ls -lN'. not very straightforward, but it do work.
> the same for vim, ':se isp=@,128-254', for example.
> full locale support is a worthy goal, but, as long as it more newlib's
> issue than cygwin's, don't expect it will appear tomorrow.
> newlib's used not only by cygwin, but by lots of other platforms too,
> including various embedded targets, so such changes as locale support
> should be made with a very big care.

Well, you asked for an example :-) Some tools have means to work around
unsuported locale; some not (how would you make grep [[:lower:]] work for

I remember somebody said there was almost ready implementation of locale for
cygwin; it was almost an year ago. Just curious, what is the current status.


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