Cyrillics support in Cygwin???

egor duda
Fri Jun 15 02:12:00 GMT 2001


Friday, 15 June, 2001 Andrej Borsenkow wrote:

>> any particular problems? there certainly were issues with 8-bit ascii
>> support in cygwin, but they're, hopefully, fixed now. If you tell what
>> your problems with cyrillics are, somebody may help.

AB> (tty0)% ll
AB> total 1581
AB> -rw-r--r--   1 MW1G017  ITS       1592612 Jun  2 12:58 CloneCD.v3.0.0.16-zip.bmp
AB> -rw-r--r--   1 MW1G017  ITS         12513 Jun  5 14:16 main.asp
AB> drwxr-xr-x   2 MW1G017  ITS         12288 May 18 12:36 ???????????/
AB> (tty0)% echo *
AB> CloneCD.v3.0.0.16-zip.bmp main.asp ÷ÏÓËÒÅÓÅÎØÅ

AB> There is no locale support on Cygwin, so most locale-aware tools do not work
AB> with non-ASCII text. The above is on Win2kSP2 english with Russian locale.

ls do work. try 'ls -lN'. not very straightforward, but it do work.
the same for vim, ':se isp=@,128-254', for example.

full locale support is a worthy goal, but, as long as it more newlib's
issue than cygwin's, don't expect it will appear tomorrow.

newlib's used not only by cygwin, but by lots of other platforms too,
including various embedded targets, so such changes as locale support
should be made with a very big care.

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