Fwd: Trouble with compiling and executing programms

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Thu Jun 14 08:38:00 GMT 2001

At 10:00 AM 6/14/2001, Norbert Haefke wrote:
>Hallo I like to use my cygwin Installation to build software
>with GTK.
>I collect all the files I need to compile the source.
>When I call the compiler I get such an error message:
>gcc -I /usr/include/glib -I /usr/include -c -fnative-struct -mno-cygwin -O2
>C:\CYGWIN\LIB\GCC-LIB\I686-PC-CYGWIN\2.95.2-6\CC1PLUS.EXE: *** 2. unable to
>allocate heap, heap_chunk_size 1073741824, Win32 error 8
>make: *** [gtkmain.o] Error 1
>And when I call for some application I got such messages too (i.e):
>If call vim
>C:\CYGWIN\BIN\VIM.EXE: *** 2. unable to allocate heap, heap_chunk_size
>1073741824, Win32 error 8
>May some one knows something about these problems and had a solution.
>Many thanks for your help



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