Create file on remote node, immediate test-r fails intermittently

Corinna Vinschen
Thu Jun 14 05:10:00 GMT 2001

On Thu, Jun 14, 2001 at 12:57:48PM +0100, wrote:
> I'm working as a consultant in a client that is moving a large Oracle
> application from Unix to Windows 2000. I have been using Cygwin and Bash to
> provide an environment to run some of their legacy shell scripts. To date
> this approach has been very effective (well done to all involved with
> Cygwin!) and I have been able make most of the scripts work with only
> slight modifications.
> However, in the last couple of days a colleague of mine has run into an
> issue with a shell script that automates conversion of scanned documents
> from TIF to GIF. Sometimes (< 10%) the script does not see the GIF file it
> has just created.
> We have simulated the structure of the script in this test case:
> if test -r test1.dat; then
>   echo "File test1.dat already exists"
> else
>   # Simulate the image conversion - a short delay then write output file
>   sleep 1; touch test1.dat
>   if test -r test1.dat; then
>     echo "File test1.dat created"
>   else
>     echo "***ERROR*** Can not create file test1.dat"
>     ERROR_FOUND=true
>   fi
> fi
> if [ $ERROR_FOUND = false ]; then
>   # Simulate the submission of a report to run in background
>   # Remove the & and the script works!
>   sleep 1; echo "OK" &
> fi
> ... and so on for test2.dat, test3.dat, etc.; about 50-100 instances.
> Obviously this should not, in normal circumstances, generate the
> ***ERROR*** message. However, we are finding that it does produce the
> message intermittently (< 10%), even though the files are created.
> The if statement at the end might look odd but it mimics the running of a
> report in background after conversion of the image. This takes a short time
> to submit, hence the sleep 1, and runs in the background. Curiously, if we
> take the '&' off the echo command (or the report in the real version), the
> script works as expected.
> We have Cygwin DLL v1.1.7. The script behaves the same on NT4 and Windows
> 2000. Any ideas? I don't have access to a Linux box here but I will try it
> when I get back home tonight -- I am assuming it is only an issue with
> Cygwin/Windows. The full test case script can be downloaded from
> .

Did you test it with the latest 1.3.2 DLL?


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