Cheaper Cigarettes !
Wed Jun 13 03:34:00 GMT 2001


In the UK we currently pay around £45.00 for a carton of 200
cigarettes.  This is just another example of the highly inflated
prices UK consumers are paying for their goods.

We can arrange the delivery of the same carton of 200 cigarettes 
for just £25.00 through our new cost saving service.

We can also arrange to have them delivered direct to your front 

Our service is totally legal and complies with all EEC
reglations.  Free trade within Europe allows you to buy goods at
a discounted price.  The main requirement is that the duty has
been paid in the member state of purchase and that you
arrange your own delivery method.  We can do all this for you by
mail at half the cost.

For further information please call 01438 217 188 or send us an 
e.mail at

Best Wishes

Chris Scott

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