Corinna Vinschen
Wed Jun 13 01:58:00 GMT 2001

On Tue, Jun 12, 2001 at 08:07:08PM -0500, Jerrold Heyman wrote:
> I've made the fileutils-4.0-3 version of du available to
> my users, and I have one who is reporting the following problem
> running:
> du -k d:\path\to\file
> "Permission Denied"
> There is another process that has the file open, and they are
> using the du in a periodic loop to make sure that the disk doesn't
> fill up.  If they kill the process that has the file open, then the
> du works successfully.
> Is there something within Cygwin.dll that keeps du from successfully
> accessing the file while another process is accessing it??

Typically it's the other way around. If a Win32 application opens
a file using the `CreateFile' call, it has exclusive access to the
file while it's opened. If the application want's to share the
file with other apps, it can do that by giving additional flags
to `CreateFile' (FILE_SHARE_READ, FILE_SHARE_WRITE). Cygwin's
open(2) call uses these flags by default.

The problem is that `du' performs a stat(2) call which needs to
open the file to get all information. Now, if the application
using the file didn't open it with FILE_SHARE_READ, you're stuck.


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