how can i create a console-less gui-less app?

Miguelanxo Otero
Tue Jun 12 18:48:00 GMT 2001

Im trying to port a self-made ftp server from linux to win... and
everything was straightforward, execept one thing:

I dont want to see the console (even if the program doesnt output anything, 
its still there!).

So I tried to compile with -mwindows but gcc cried "no reference for
WinMainCRTStartup default to 00400100 ..or something like"

so I added the following line

WinMainCRTStartup(); { MainCRTStartup(); } (seen in documentation).
and recompile.

Ok, if i launch the thing in a console, it runs well.
But if launched not in console (maybe explorer...) the program dies...

What can I do?

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