Q concerning cygwin/perl/network

Jonadab the Unsightly One jonadab@bright.net
Tue Jun 12 17:35:00 GMT 2001

> require Net::Ping;
> $host = '';
> $p = Net::Ping->new();
> if($p->ping($host))
> { print "$host is alive.\n"; }
> else { print "$host is not alive.\n"; }
> $p->close();

> should ping the localhost and is tested under Solaris. Under
> cygwin, the ping fails. Any ideas? Comments? Shrieking epitaphs?

I tried it here, and it failed.  So I tried it in
ActivePerl, and it failed there too -- despite that 
I've run numerous network scripts in ActivePerl and 
they do fine.  For example, I can use Net::ftp and 
Net::UserAgent, but when I tried the above, I always 
get the "is not alive" message.  The ping.exe that 
comes with windows of reports 0% packet loss.

This makes me wonder if it couldn't be a
problem with Net::Ping specifically.  Have you
tried one of the other Net:: modules under cygwin?

-- jonadab

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