GCC 2.95.3-4 Problem

Larry Hall (RFK Partners, Inc) lhall@rfk.com
Mon Jun 11 15:41:00 GMT 2001


I think you can assume that what Chris says is no more or less than 
what he says! ;-)

You clearly imply that you want to build an application that doesn't
use cygwin1.dll.  Using Mingw does this.  If you have a problem doing
so, you want to address the proper list to attempt to find a resolution
to the problem.  This is what Chris is saying.

Also, most often, when you have a problem with a particular application 
after you build it, the most useful course of action is to debug it.  
Consulting a mailing list like this one or the Mingw with general problems
usually doesn't lead to much useful feedback.  Although the people on 
these lists try to be helpful, there's only so much they can divine 
without specific, detailed information on the issue.  Just a helpful hint!

Good luck,

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At 05:47 PM 6/11/2001, Highley, David (CEWF) wrote:
>Is this to say that a static build is not supported?
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>On Mon, Jun 11, 2001 at 02:07:02PM -0700, David Highley wrote:
> >If I build a small application, the what utility, with the -mno-cygwin
> >option it fails on an freopen of stdin.  You get no compiler errors and
> >no run time execution errors.  If I try and build with the -static
> >option you get no compiler diagnostics but the build will not run on a
> >system without the cygwin1.dl library.  So what is the magic for
> >building an application with the Cygwin port that can run on any
> >Windows goober box without Cygwin?
>The magic is called www.mingw.org.  This is the cygwin mailing list.
>The -mno-cygwin option is added as a (regrettable) convenience for
>people who want to build non-cygwin apps.  It basically produces
>a mingw application.
>If you are having a problem with -mno-cygwin then peruse the
>mingw information.
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