cygwin mount points

Karl M
Sun Jun 10 11:20:00 GMT 2001

Dear Christopher Faylor,

I found plenty of information about how the default mounts are set up. What 
I could not find was why they are as they are. That was my question, "why". 
If it is documented somewhere, please point me in the correct direction. 
Larry Hall has already given me an explaination, but I would love to add 
anything useful to my "places to look".



>From: "Karl M" <>
>Subject: cygwin mount points
>Date: Fri, 08 Jun 2001 08:14:20 -0700
>Hi All...
>I understand what the default cygwin mount points are...I have found lots 
>references to that.
>But I'm curious...why is /usr/bin mapped to /bin and /usr/lib to /lib by
>I see some small effects like only one cygwin addition to PATH for me...but
>is there something bit it does for me?
>I've searched for this answer, but have not found anything that answers the
>WHY part of the question.
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