correct file permissions for default setup with ntsec

Christopher Faylor
Sat Jun 9 21:56:00 GMT 2001

On Fri, Jun 08, 2001 at 10:17:08PM +0200, Dimiter Kurtev wrote:
>of course, this may have been asked a billion times, but i havent found an
>i would like to have the permissions on my cygwin filesystem set to whatever
>they should be in a "real" unix evironment.  setup seems to create
>everything with 777 or 666 even if running ntsec.  this is, of course, because the
>permissions in the tgz files are not set properly.  what is the reason for this?
> would this mess up a win9x system?  could one not check for ntsec,
>i have seen a script which changes most permissions to root.root 644, but is
>that enough?  of course, every time i update a package those might get
>overwritten, and new files will be 777 anyway.
>1) why dont the packages have permissions?

setup.exe is not a cygwin application.  I suppose that this is one more thing
for the FAQ.

>2) what should i set them to, if i were to write a script (of course, i
>could check some bsd or linux box - would that do the trick?)

Why don't you do the research yourself?  Experiment a little and you might
learn something about permissions.


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