GDB Stop button does not work. and how about a core dump?
Fri Jun 8 10:06:00 GMT 2001

>At 15:56 08/06/01 , vous avez écrit:
>>same here, stop (or break) in gdb has never worked for me either.
>>you have to set the break points before you press run,
>>then you can step further, etc. also cygwin compiled
>>exectutables does not produce a debugger readable image core dump.
>  Thanks for your answer, do you also use win95
>or do you have another system like NT or 2000 ?

i am running under NT, but I doubt that makes any difference here.

the debuggable core issue would be a great improvement.
but first cygwin would have have to dump a core. I
have no idea what that involves in detail, 
but probably it is not easy, 
(finding the starting point address
of the executable in memory and dumping everything out to a file, etc)

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