FW: GDB Stop button does not work.

Darius.Clynes@cec.eu.int Darius.Clynes@cec.eu.int
Fri Jun 8 10:00:00 GMT 2001

To : muller at cerbere dot u-strasbg dot fr
Subject : RE: GDB Stop button does not work.
>From : Darius dot Clynes at cec dot eu dot int
Date : Fri, 8 Jun 2001 15:56:26 +0200 

same here, stop (or break) in gdb has never worked for me either.
you have to set the break points before you press run,
then you can step further, etc. also cygwin compiled
exectutables does not produce a debugger readable image core dump.

the stackdump contains only just that, a stack dump at crash time,
which doesn't seem to be of much use.


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>Subject: GDB Stop button does not work.
>   I tried to use the GNU debugger GDB.
>(On a win95 machine)
>But I have a big problem with the stop button
>(in the graphical interface).
>I compiled gdb from CVS sources
>and I am using GDB from Setup upload
>labeled GNU gdb 5.0 (20010408-1)
>After letting the program start and continue,
>The debugged gdb executable (non gui version) is now at prompt.
>When I press the Stop, I get the following dialog box
>after several seconds :
>No response from target.
>Detach from target
>(and stop debugging it)?
>Likewise, if I try to use the command line version of GDB
>and run the debugged program in another console using
>(gdb) set new-console on
>Pressing Ctrl-C or Ctrl-Break in the GDB console
>also has no effect.
>   Is this a known problem or limitation
>of cygwin GDB ?
>Does it have to do with limitations of the signal handling ?
>I tried to hack GDB sources a little to see if I can force GDB to
>react in such cases.
>   I added a GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent
>in the HandlerRoutine
>that I insert using SetConsoleCtrlHandler.
>   The HandlerRoutine is indeed called when I press Ctrl-C or 
>but the GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent seems to only work
>if I don't use 'set new-console on'.
>   Is this a known limitation of GenerateConsoleCtrlEvent ?
>Is it a win95 specific limitation ?
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