Updated: OpenSSH-2.9p1-2

Ph. Marek marek@bmlv.gv.at
Fri Jun 8 03:44:00 GMT 2001

>* Corinna Vinschen
>| I've updated the version of OpenSSH in cygwin/latest to 2.9p1-2.
>This version does work for me only with cygwin1.dll from the 1.3.1-1
>release, not the latest 1.3.2-1.  With 1.3.2-1 I get an immediate
>session close after the login banner has been displayed, like this:
Will that soon be corrected (say about next week), or, if not, where can I
get a binary of the older 1.3.1 cygwin1.dll?

>| This version drops the restriction to change the user context on
>| NT/W2K only with password authentication. This allows installing
>| sshd under LocalSystem account and switching to various user
>| accounts using RSA/DSA authentication.
>The openssh-README also seems to need an update in this respect.
I'd be happy if authentication wouldn't need a password - but I don't think
that works. Does it?

I hope that the older dll solves my problem - although I'm not sure, as a
strace shows errors on GetFileAttributesA on /bin/bash (which a few lines
below  work again) and an error 1316 on LogonUserA (? not sure).

Thanks for any help


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