Where is the cygwin1.dll

Gerrit P. Haase gerrit.haase@t-online.de
Wed Jun 6 16:11:00 GMT 2001

Mark Zetlmeisl schrieb am 2001-06-06, 13:27:

> The dynamic link library cygwin1.dll could not
> be found in the specfied path.
> I then searched the my entire hard drive
> for the file and it could not be found.
> Where is this file?

Probably you did not load down everything that is offered
by setup.exe.
Run setup again and load down the needed packages.
That are: all from 'latest' dir and probably some additional
from 'contrib' and some from elsewhere to fit your needs.

If the download runs well you'll find cygwin1.dll in:
$ ls /bin/cygw*
/bin/cygwin1.dll*  /bin/cygwish80.exe*



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