Problem with setup.exe 2.57

Brian Keener
Wed Jun 6 14:16:00 GMT 2001

Paul loewenstein wrote:
> When "install from local directory" is selected, setup doesn't request
> proxy information.  It subsequently attempts to download setup.ini, and
> makes no progress (not surprisingly).

Okay - so I'll bite - where is *your* setup.ini file after you did the 
"download from internet" to get all the files that you are about to install.  
When I "install from local directory" setup asks me to enter/confirm what my 
local directory is and that is where setup goes to find the setup.ini it needs. 
 The most recent copy is stored in that local directory each time you do the 
"Download from Internet" and told it that same local directory.

Are you not using setup.exe to do your downloads also.


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