BUG: Automake 1.4

jens@uniweb.se jens@uniweb.se
Wed Jun 6 13:56:00 GMT 2001


 I did find that. But then I staggered into another problem. AC_EXEEXT failed. And that was bacause it did not find the compiler. After looking into the scripts I found that AC_EXEEXT, same goes for AC_CYGWIN and AC_MINGW32, needs the C compiler. And I'm working on a C++ project. I only had AC_PROG_CXX in the configure.in. After adding AC_PROG_CC it seems to work.

 I've not tried the 1.4-p2 patch for automake yet. Don't think I will eather. But I hope the cygwin distribution gets updated to the new one.

 Jens Yllman

>>  In the cleaningpart it does not try to handle .exe.
>>  Any comments???
>You can add AC_EXEEXT to configure.in and then call autoconf again.

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