Andre Bleau
Wed Jun 6 10:59:00 GMT 2001

>I am trying to compile the visualization toolkit (VTK) with Cygwin and
>it seems that the include file glaux.h is missing.  Where can I get this
>file so my visualization package will compile OK??
>Steven Boyd, PhD

glaux is an obsolete librairy that is unsupported. No port to Cygwin was 
ever done and none is planned. Sorry.

Quoting from :

2.130 What is the AUX library?

Very important: Don't use AUX. Use GLUT instead.

The AUX library was developed by SGI early in OpenGL's life to ease 
creation of small OpenGL demonstration programs. It's currently neither 
supported nor maintained. Developing OpenGL programs using AUX is strongly 
discouraged. Use the GLUT instead. It's more flexible and powerful and is 
available on a wide range of platforms.

For related information, see the GLUT Section and SGI's GLUT FAQ.

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