RSH problem

Andrew Markebo
Wed Jun 6 04:23:00 GMT 2001

How doesn't it work?

The difference between ls, date, grep and ping is that the three first
are compiled and created for cygwin, while ping is the NT-command

Potential problem.. rsh machine ping fires up windows nt ping that
prints stuff where cygwin can't catch and forward it?

Solution.. dig up and compile ping for cygwin :-)


/ Prashanth_Vummethala <> wrote:
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| from remote machine 
|  rsh cygwin(local machine name) date,ls ,grep all utilities are working
| fine, but
|  rsh cygwin(local machine name) ping satyam6(another machine) is not working
| where as ping locally is working fine ie ($ ping satyam6). i have made all
| the enteries in host file in system\drivers\etc directory

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