1.3.2: Bug in md5sum.exe with binary files

Arms, Mike marms@sandia.gov
Tue Jun 5 17:20:00 GMT 2001

Using the latest (as of 2001/06/05) update of Cygwin, running 
'md5sum -c md5.sum' produces mostly failed checksums when checking
against binary files. 

However, when running 'md5sum *', the checksums produced are 
identical to those in the md5.sum file except that each file 
has an asterisk '*' prepended to it.

When the md5.sum file is editted to add an asterisk before each
filename, 'md5sum -c md5.sum' produces all 'OK' results.

This looks to be an error when md5sum is checking (-c option)
binary files.

This occurs irregardless of whether or not the CYGWIN environment
variable is set in cygwin.bat to binmode.

Note: the '-b' option cannot be used with the '-c' option.

My specific test case was with the Cygwin-XFree86 files for download.
There is an md5.sum file there which works fine when I run a Perl
based MD5 checker. And like I said, you can add an '*' before each
file in that md5.sum and then the cygwin 'md5sum -c md5.sum' command
works fine.


Mike Arms

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