Rxvt and vim font redraw

Randall R Schulz rrschulz@cris.com
Tue Jun 5 16:40:00 GMT 2001


I've noticed this too, though with the tops of letterforms, not the sides 
as you report.

But wait...this isn't a "me too!"

I just noticed the same problem when I switched Eudora's monospace font 
from the default "Courier New" to my preferred "Lucida Console."

Perhaps that font itself bears inappropriate metric information?

Randall Schulz
Mountain View, CA USA

At 10:02 2001-06-05, Ken Collins wrote:
>I noticed that vim isn't working correctly with the windows rxvt and the
>Lucida Console font. It crops characters with tight kerning when it redraws
>the cursor. If you move the cursor over a list like the following:
>The 'o' and 'm' will lose the leftmost portion of their characters when you
>pass over the letters. When vim redraws the screen, the characters are
>restored. I tried Lucida ConsoleP, but I got the same result. I also tried
>adjusting the character spacing in the font descriptor, but that doesn't
>seem to work.
>Vim works correctly with the same font in a command terminal.
>Does anyone know of a fix or a better console font? I'd prefer to use the
>"fixed" font that comes with XFree86.
>I'm using Win2k and vim 5.7-4. I've also tested it with vim 5.8-1.
>Ken Collins

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